The warm days and long evenings of summer are perfect for working in and enjoying your gardens. A little bit of attention and some TLC will keep your gardens bursting with colour and growth throughout the season.

 Below are some tips to ensure your gardens continue to flourish:

  • When the weather is hot and dry for long spells, apply extra watering to new garden plantings or to those particularly susceptible to heat stress. Supplying adequate moisture to complement rainfall is critical, especially for newly planted trees and shrubs. Containers and hanging baskets need water more frequently – sometimes twice daily.
  • Watch for insect damage throughout your garden. At the first sight of damage, collect a sample and bring it in to Van Luyk’s for analysis. We’re happy to suggest options to best suit your pest issue.
  • Many annuals, perennials, and roses will continue to bloom prolifically throughout the summer if they are deadheaded regularly. Try to set aside an hour or two per week to do this and your plants will reward you with a long blooming season.
  • Eliminating weeds as soon as they appear will pay off in the long run. Think of it as a therapeutic activity while you enjoy the outdoors.
  • A good 3-4″ layer of mulch will help retain soil moisture during hot, dry spells. Mulch reduces the rate at which water evaporates from the surface of the soil. It also keeps weeds at bay.
  • Harvest, mulch and fertilize your herbs and vegetables. Then harvest, mulch and fertilize some more. Plant a second crop of lettuce or other cool-season vegetables in late July and August for more greens in the fall.
  • Check your berry bushes regularly to harvest before the birds get them. And don`t forget to clean up fallen fruits under trees, as they can invite diseases and insects.
  • Prune summer flowering shrubs as soon as the blossoms fade. They will look much better.

Have a question? Just contact us for an array of gardening information and tips or ask our staff for helpful advice to keep your lawn and gardens looking great all summer.

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