Soils, Amendments & Mulches

Not all soils are created equal and we carry the full range of soils for all your planting needs: top soil, potting soil, patio soil, 3-way mix, seeding mix, African violet soil, cactus soil and orchid mix. A selection of soilless mixes is also available.


Soil amendments improve the physical nature of the soil – they improve the structure, drainage and moisture retention of your soil, allowing your plants to thrive.
Van Luyk’s carries peat moss, cattle and sheep manure, compost plus, bone meal, vermiculite and perlite, gypsum soil repair, soil acidifier, aluminum sulphate, compost accelerator, horticultural or dolomitic lime.

Mulch is placed on TOP of the soil surface and is great for keeping moisture in and the weeds down, plus it creates an attractive and uniform ground cover. A variety of mulches and bark are available at Van Luyk’s: red, black, gold and cedar mulch, medium and large bark, coco bean.
We also carry a range of aggregates for both decorative and practical purposes: marble, red terre tile, pea gravel and play sand.

* Note that the availability of listed plants varies from season to season. Please contact us to confirm that the item you're after is in stock!

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