Fall is in full swing, with plenty of gardening to be done indoors and out! October is a time for clean-up, planting and dividing, but it’s also a time for reflection. What performed well this year and what didn’t?

Jotting your thoughts down in a garden journal while the season is still fresh in mind not only helps you plan for the future, but also helps ensure you don’t make past mistakes again! Gardening is nothing if not a learning experience and as always, our experts are here to help if you’re stuck on a particular plant problem.

Here are six gardening tips to consider as the days grow cool in October:

  1. October is prime bulb planting time. Plant spring-flowering bulbs to ensure your gardens are full of bountiful blooms next year. We have a wide variety of bulbs available including alliums, crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, snowdrops, tulips, and much more.
  2. Applying winter fertilizer ensures your grass will come back vigorous and green next year. It needs to be applied after your grass has stopped growing but while it is still green. That way your grass will store the extra nutrients in its roots for next spring rather than push out tender new growth right now.
  3. Cooler temperatures afford us an opportunity to divide large or overgrown perennials. Ensure any perennials you are dividing have been in the ground for 2-3 years, and always use a sharp spade to do the dividing.
  4. As your deciduous trees and shrubs begin to lose their leaves, remove any diseased leaf litter from the ground and dispose of it (don’t compost!). If you stay on top of this throughout the fall, you can greatly reduce the chance that the same fungal infections return next spring.
  5. Fall is great for planting. Cooler temperatures reduce the severity of transplant shock. Be sure to protect your newly-planted trees and shrubs with a healthy 2-4” layer of mulch to insulate their roots.
  6. If you haven’t already, ensure any houseplants in locations where temperatures drop lower than 10oC are moved to warmer areas to prevent frost damage. If your tropicals need to be replanted in a larger pot, this is a good time to do so safely. Remember to only replant it into a container one pot size larger.
Unique Boutique!
Our nursery staff pride themselves on offering a selection of noteworthy or rare plants. Stop by any time in October to get a sneak peek at some of the unique and unusual items we’re expecting for 2017. You can add your name to our Nursery Request List to ensure you’re notified as soon as these plants are available in the Spring!

We do much of our planning (and some planting) in the fall – if there’s a particular plant you’re desperate to track down, we’d love your input!

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Indoor Plants!

Fresh Florida Tropicals

Our greenhouses are packed with an assortment of fresh Florida tropicals, ready to brighten and purify your indoor living space! Call or visit us to find the right plant for your home or office.

Halloween… plus, Fall specials!
Throughout the month of October, we carry an assortment of pumpkins, straw, cornstalks and more for your Halloween displays!

Plus, take advantage of the cool weather to plant for next year! We are pleased to offer great savings and selection on a variety of outdoor plants, including:

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Our experienced staff are happy to answer your indoor and outdoor gardening questions year round. Or for more information and tips, visit our gardening info and tip sheets at vanluyk.com.

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