Fall is marching on quickly and before we know it, winter’s chill will be upon us. There’s still time to plant bulbs and apply winter lawn fertilizer, but the window for that too will soon be closed. As we finish cleaning and prepping our garden beds for the colder weather ahead, we’ll have to quickly switch gears and consider winter and Christmas décor. Van Luyk’s is your one-stop holiday décor destination.

Here are 5 gardening tips for the month of November:

  1. There’s no telling how long the mild weather will last, but Christmas isn’t waiting. If you have fresh garland, urns or wreaths outside, mist or water them occasionally to ensure they stay green and beautiful throughout the holiday season. We also offer Wilt-Pruf, an anti-desiccant spray that can be used to protect your greens from early browning and bleaching.
  2. Houseplants new and old should not be fertilized at this time of year. As the amount and quality of daylight diminishes, many of our indoor plants enter a period of dormancy. They will not require any fertilization and may need less frequent watering until the spring.
  3. If you’re looking for low-maintenance indoor plants for the home, consider air plants or succulent gardens. The only requirement for these plants is a room with high ambient light. Their care needs are minimal and there are countless creative ways they can be incorporated into a room’s existing décor!
  4. It might sound silly at first, but you should make an effort to dust your indoor plants every week or two. Dust poses a twofold threat: first, over time it can block the pores of your plant and thus interrupt the transpiration process essential to a plant’s survival. Second, a layer of dust will actually reduce the amount of light the plant receives. And of course, it looks unsightly.
  5. A final tip for tropicals: avoid putting houseplants near drafty doors or hot air registers. Drafty doors will cause them damage every time a blast of frigid air blows by. Hot air registers will dry out and desiccate your tropical plants even if you are misting frequently. Most tropicals need high levels of relative humidity – believe it or not, central heating produces air almost as dry as the Sahara Desert! This rule also applies to poinsettias.
Leave Your Urns To Us!

There’s plenty to love about the colour and greenery that Christmas urns add to a front porch but many of us lack the free time to assemble them during the busy holiday season. We’re here to help! Bring in your empty urns and give us an indication of style, colour scheme, and budget and our designers will bring your vision to life! Or, choose from a wide selection of premade urn inserts available in many sizes and designs.

If you’re only going to fertilize your lawn once a year, do it in the fall. But hurry! The window is closing for the season!

Poinsettias are a favourite indoor plant for Christmas. Careful placement in the house is important to ensure they stay beautiful.
Wondering what’s left to do in the garden before the snow sets in? We’ve got a final fall to-do list for your reference in a recent blog post.

Burlap Barrierslarge-widget-1_burlapping-evergreens-1

This time of year, many of us dutifully cover our favourite evergreens with burlap for protection. Our recent blog post explains that this might do more harm than good.

Christmas Treeslarge-widget-2_christmas-trees

Our fresh-cut Christmas trees have arrived! Hundreds of beautiful, fragrant Balsam and Fraser Firs in a variety of sizes for every location and budget. Come early for best selection!

Christmas Open House Is Here!
Our 2016 Christmas Open House is fast approaching! Visit us this weekend — Saturday, November 19th or Sunday, November 20th — and enjoy the festivities as we officially launch the 2016 Van Luyk Christmas season!  The weekend’s features include:

– Door prizes
– Winter container demos
– Fresh greenery, boughs, and wreaths
– Gift baskets and holiday floral arrangements
– Poinsettias ‘with attitude’
– Hot apple cider and other treats

Check out our features page for plenty of great deals, or visit us in-store!

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