It’s May and so the gardening fun begins! While we would like to say it’s the perfect time to start planting, with unusual weather swings continuing this spring, we advise caution when planting annuals and tender perennials – until at least May 24th when the risk of frost is typically behind us.

Vegetables and Herbs:
Many people are expressing an interest in growing their own food this season. While the tender vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers need warmer weather to grow (18-31°C), the hardy and semi-hardy vegetables such as cauliflower, kale and spinach can tolerate a light frost (-2°C). View our ‘When can I plant my veggies?’ tip sheet.

Van Luyk’s carries an unmatched selection of vegetables and herbs – the largest in London! We carry over 200 different varieties, including 29 different tomatoes, 34 different peppers (19 of which are HOT!) as well as the unique and unusual – chocolate mint, wasabi and more! Consider planting a vegetable garden this year, or for small spaces, pick up a pre-made vegetable container garden – perfect for patio or balcony. BROWSE our complete vegetable selection online.

Spring Pollinators – Mason Bees:
With honey bees in decline, the Orchard Mason Bee is the perfect early-spring pollinator to introduce into your garden. A gentle, non-aggressive bee and slightly smaller than a honey bee, this species plays an important role as a pollinator of spring fruit and nut trees, blueberries, flowers and vegetables. These gentle and harmless bees are safe for people and pets and are available in-store now. LEARN MORE about Mason bees.

Best Alternative to the Impatiens Walleriana – for SHADE
BOUNCE impatiens are the exciting new alternative to the beloved impatiens walleriana for shade gardens. BOUNCE impatiens offer the same habit and flower count as the impatiens walleriana, but they are resistant to downy mildew and provide shade garden confidence! Plus, they ‘bounce’ back readily after a missed watering or two without losing blooms or buds.

BOUNCE impatiens are available in cherry, lilac, pink and white and in two different size pots – 4″ and 5.5″, plus in hanging baskets. Check out our gallery of images.

impatiens at Van Luyk'sBOUNCE impatiens are the perfect alternative to the Impatiens walleriana.
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Over 200 types of vegetables and herbs, including the unique and unusual!
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Mason bees are a great spring pollinatorMason bees are a great spring pollinator for fruiting trees, flowers and veggies.
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Purple Power! Purple Power Van Luyk

Purple plants add an air of serenity and intrigue to any landscape. Check out our staff picks to find out their favourite purple perennials and flowering shrubs.

Dangers of Overplanting…

At Van Luyk’s we have a responsibility to ensure your garden is a success in the long run! Read our blog post to learn the pitfalls of overplanting a garden plot.

Planting Rule of Thumb…

Our general rule of thumb for when to plant tender annuals, perennials and vegetables isMay 24th. Always watch the forecast and if temperatures dip below 3°C, be sure to take in any containers and hanging baskets or cover up any planted material with a thick blanket or frost cloth.

Purchasing early will ensure the best selection and if you take a few minutes to protect your plants when frost threatens, you will be rewarded with an early crop!

Expert Advice
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