It’s hard to believe that we’re entering the last few weeks of spring with summer on our doorstep. Thankfully the weather is finally cooperating and our beloved annuals are getting the sun and heat they so desire.

Be prepared to give your plants some extra TLC when the weather has been hot and dry for long spells.

See our five gardening tips for June: 

  1. Apply extra waterings to newly planted plants or to those susceptible to heat stress. (Not sure if this applies to your plants? Call us at 519-455-2646).
  2. Stay on top of the rapidly growing weeds which also thrive in the sunshine, and keep plants looking good by regularly dead-heading.
  3. Allow spring blooming trees and shrubs to completely finish their bloom cycle before pruning.
  4. Use a 15-30-15 fertilizer or slow-release, granular fertilizer as an important spring feeding.
  5. Stake your tomatoes and other vining vegetables. Tomato cages help to increase yields while decreasing disease by keeping fruit upright and off the ground.

Whether you have yet to start your gardens, or are looking to add to an existing garden, we continue to add and maintain healthy bedding plants, perennials, trees and shrubs throughout the summer!

Father’s Day is June 19th…
Van Luyk’s offers an array of ideas to ensure Father’s Day gift-giving is stress-free and a hit with dad!
  • Consider a veggie container garden or patio tomato that dad can place strategically near the BBQ!
  • A low-maintenance, easy-to-grow shrub (such as a boxwood or juniper) or an ornamental grass will give dad extra time to relax this summer.
  • A gift of a tree can be enjoyed for years to come – an oak tree represents wisdom and leadership, while a pine tree is perfect for dedicated individuals who do important but often thankless work. Do these sound like your dad?
  • Succulents and cacti are an all-time favourite, but beware – they can be habit-forming!
  • If your dad prefers to make his own choices when it comes to gardening, a Van Luyk gift card is sure to please.
  • Or check out our gift shop for some fun and unique garden decor!
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Just as each rose colour has a specific meaning, each tree has a unique story, and we’ve made an effort to bring some of these stories to light. Read our blog post to learn more.

As you begin or finalize your spring gardens, consider some of our staff’s favourite annuals, including some of the unique and unusual that deserve more attention. Read on!

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We had the pleasure of having Rachel Gilbert from BX93 come for a visit recently. Check out the video with Rachel and our own Devin Vibert who provided his expertise and assistance!

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