The ultimate in home decor, tropical houseplants and succulents add life and beauty to any home, room or office. Plus, they act as a natural air filter, removing pollutants from your home.

Tropical Plants: Our selection of tropical plants varies throughout the year and includes: aloe vera, bromeliad, palms, air plants, ferns, peace lilies, citrus plants, philodendrons, schefflera, clivia, crotons, pothos, dracena, money tree, yucca, olive tree, china doll, spider plants, bird of paradise, plus an assortment of tropical/green foliage. Please click to reach our online store to learn more about our current stock and give an order!

Flowering Plants: Our assortment of flowering plants changes with the season and includes: African violets, kalanchoe, orchids, mini roses, anthuriums, calla lilies, cyclamen, Easter lilies, hydrangeas, poinsettias, Christmas cactus, and more.

Plus, browse our succulent and cactus selection with hundreds to choose from or select from an assortment of pre-made succulent and cactus dishes.

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Our knowledgeable staff are happy to help you select the best plant for your space or purpose ensuring your plant will thrive in the light and temperature conditions available in your home or office.