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Here you’ll find a wealth of information on all sorts of gardening tips. Feel free to peruse our knowledge base and to get the best gardening tips for a wide array of annuals, perennials, tropicals, fruit trees, vegetables and more. 

Remember, if you have further questions, you can contact or visit us to consult with our knowledgeable staff.


Annuals by definition are plants whose life cycle lasts only one year, from seed to blooms to seed. Removing the flowers as they fade prolongs the blooming cycle, but if left to produce seeds, many annuals will readily reseed themselves. Annuals are usually available in little starter ‘six packs’ or in 4 inch ‘color spots’. They are an excellent way to create a great splash of summer color in the garden, or for long blooming annual baskets. Just click here to learn more about our gardening tips for annuals.

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There is no limit to the number of ways you can utilize bulbs in your garden. Be it in a garden bed or patio setting, bulbs can provide any combination of beautiful flowers, bright colours, and excellent fragrance.

Though this isn’t necessarily the case with other plant types, bigger is almost always better when it comes to selecting bulbs. The larger the bulb, rhizome, tuber, or corm, the healthier and more vigorous the eventual plant is likely to be. Just click to learn more about bulbs.

Container Gardening 

You don’t need a green thumb or big backyard to create an eye-catching display for your container. The key is balance – using a tall plant (thriller), a trailer that cascades over the edge of the pot (spiller) and a medium-size plant to add fullness (filler). Select a good mix of colours, textures and foliage types to achieve something unique! Remember too that your container should reflect your own tastes and sensibilities — if you’re not happy with how something looks, change it! Perhaps you’d prefer no thriller and extra filler. Maybe it’s a hanging container and you just want a variety of spillers. Maybe you want a formal look, with a single large thriller in each container. It’s up to you! Just click here for our tips.

Designing Your Garden

Planning a new garden can be intimidating. There are infinite possibilities for colour, scale, and style. Our helpful outlines will give you an explanation of some of the rudiments of garden design and can help make those tricky decisions a little easier, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned gardener.

Fruit and Fruit Trees

Fruit trees need sun, shelter, good quality soil, 1 foot deep drainage and access to irrigation. Fruit trees do not like wet feet. Then you should look for tree varieties which are resistant to diseases. After picking up the right variety, you should water and feed it. Just click for our tips on variety basis.

Gardening Checklist

Just click here for our seasonal gardening checklists for each genres. Further questions? Contact us and ask to speak with one of our garden experts!

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Garden Maintenance 

The early and late-season preparations as well as the day-to-day work in our gardens isn’t glamorous, but it’s part of what makes gardening so rewarding. Use our tipsheets to help keep on top of the general maintenance of your garden to ensure it is as beautiful and bountiful as possible.


The history of herbs is as old as the history of mankind.  Culinary herbs, fresh from the garden, add flavour to our meals.  Fragrant herbs can be dried for sachets and potpourries for a wealth of pleasant aromas.  The ornamental value of herbs would be reason enough for their continuing popularity.  They can be used as groundcovers or fillers between other plants and in containers. Herbs are easy to grow and don’t require a lot of care. just click here for our herb gardening tips. 

Lawn Care

A green and healthy lawn is easy to achieve with a bit of effort and guidance. As healthy lawns are less vulnerable to pests, weeds, drought or other problems, please click for our tips to get there. 


A perennial is a herbaceous (soft and fleshy) plant that thrives for three or more years. Perennials come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours and can bloom from early April until late October. For these reasons, they are fast becoming more popular. Perennials are one of the easiest plants to grow. Sun or shade, clay or loam, there is a perennial for almost all of your garden needs. Please click here for our perennial gardening tips. 

Pest and Disease Control 

Pests and diseases often infiltrate even healthy gardens. It is key to regularly check your plants for spreading diseases or signs of pest damage. Please click here to access to our comprehensive pest and disease control guideline/ 

Plants for Different Growing Conditions

Plants for Different Growing Purposes


Roses have a reputation for being difficult to care for, but with the correct amount of water and sunlight and a little bit of grooming, your roses should thrive. Explore these basics of caring for your roses — and remember, these plants are surprisingly forgiving. Please click here to learn more about our gardening tips for this special kind of flower. 


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of seeds available for growing, whether you stop in our store to look at our huge selection or whether you’re doing some seed sleuthing on Google. If you’ve never grown plants from seed before, you’ll have terms thrown at you constantly that you’ll have to wrap your head around before you even get to a point where you feel informed enough to make sound choices. For a beginner, this can get intimidating or downright discouraging quickly.

Here, we have attempted to clarify some of the advantages and disadvantages of several common seed types, and in doing so have outlined some of the most basic choices you’ll have to make as you decide what to grow. We’ve also tried to keep it short and sweet, as this topic can quickly get rather complex.

Shade Gardening

Trees and Shrubs 

At Van Luyk’s, we are committed to ensuring all of your new nursery plantings are successful. To this end, we offer a one-time replacement guarantee on all of our nursery stock, the details of which are available here. And for our gardening tips for trees and shrubs, please click here

Tropicals and Indoor Plants 

Your tropical plants can thrive for many years – with a little help from you. To get the most from your investment, take the time to learn how to care for and enjoy your plants. Follow these guidelines to keep your plants healthy and beautiful all year long.

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There is something innately satisfying about growing your own vegetables. Van Luyk’s extensive selection of veggies has been carefully chosen to ensure you plant only the absolute best.

One of the most common questions Van Luyk customers ask at our store is: “Is it safe for me to plant [vegetable name] right now?” This helpful tipsheet will clarify what veggies are cold hardy, and what veggies are not!

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