You’re probably sick of hearing it already, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

In the spirit of the season, we’ve asked some of our staff to weigh in on what plant – fresh cut flower, potted plant, or otherwise – deserves some recognition for Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for flower recommendations or something outside-of-the-box, we’ll have lots on offer.


2018-02 Staff Picks - Bernice
Bernice’s Pick: Stocks

As our Florist-In-Chief, Bernice’s choice carries a lot of heft! She absolutely loves the vibrant flower clusters of Stocks (scientific name Matthiola). In floral arrangements, it can either be a focal point or in a supporting role. Some of the most vibrant colours are in shades of purple – Bernice’s favourite colour!


2018-02 Staff Picks - Brenda
Brenda’s Pick: Statice

This beautiful plant (scientific name Limonium) is an amazing addition to arrangements when used in a supporting role. It has a soft, soothing appearance, producing sprays of tiny flowers (often purple or white) with a fine texture. For those who like modest or understated arrangements, Statice is a top-notch choice.


2018-02 Staff Picks - Devin
Devin’s Pick: Ferns

Ferns might seem like an odd choice, but Devin put forward this interesting take on them:  

“Look, they’ve been around virtually forever – about 360 million years or so. Ferns were around for 200 million years before the first flowering plants began appearing. Roses are only about 35 million years old. So, really, if you’re looking to buy a living plant that’s a true symbol of enduring love, ferns are way better.”

Ferns are often used in a supporting role in floral arrangements, but we carry potted ferns that would make a nice gesture for someone who wants something beautiful that will last well past Valentine’s Day!


2018-02 Staff Picks - Irene
Irene’s Pick: Fuji Mums

If you’re after something really funky, Fuji or Spider Mums are an excellent choice. They come in a variety of bright colours (some of them have two-toned blooms), and make a grand statement in any arrangement. The flower petals are long and narrow but are clustered together in such a way that the overall effect is a gigantic ball of a bloom!


2018-02 Staff Picks - Larry
Larry’s Pick: Dendrobium

If your significant other has sophisticated tastes, orchids are a classy choice of flower. Our dendrobium orchids are full of flowers usually pale pink or white in colour, and are great in a supporting role or as a focal point. The stems have an arching habit that makes them great in bouquets or vases. We also carry a variety of species of exotic potted orchids in numerous sizes and colours.


2018-02 Staff Picks - Lorrie
Lorrie’s Pick: Lisianthus

Our Retail Manager is a big fan of Lisianthus. It shares the qualities of a number of Ranunculus species, but for a fraction of the price – the blooms are a bit smaller, but this only adds to their appeal. The delicate flowers are of many shades of pink, purple, and white, but Lorrie’s favourites are pink in colour.


2018-02 Staff Picks - Suba
Suba’s Pick: Roses

Nothing quite compares to the message a bouquet of twelve roses delivers. Roses are still by and large the go-to flower for Valentine’s Day arrangements, and for good reason. They have been a universal symbol of romanticism, love, and companionship for hundreds of centuries. As for her favourite rose colour, Suba prefers a dark red – the classic choice; you just cannot go wrong with roses! 

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