The summer has certainly provided a mixed bag of weather for us – some pleasant days, very hot days, and some severe and rainy days in between. While some plants and gardens have thrived, others may be looking a little ‘weathered.’

Here are our tips to help prolong the life of your lawn and garden through the remaining days of summer:

  • Continue to deadhead perennials and annuals, keep up with weeds and water as necessary. Remember to keep on the hose as long as drought conditions continue, while being mindful of any water restrictions in your area. How well you help your perennials manage the hot and dry weather will have a direct impact on how well they overwinter.
  • Replace tired-looking annuals in beds, patio pots and containers with late summer flowering plants or ornamental grasses.
  • Stop fertilizing trees and shrubs as we reach the middle of the month. Too much fertilizer weakens the root system and produces new growth that won’t have a chance to harden off before winter, making them less winter-hardy.
  • Apply nematodes for grub control. A late summer application will help reduce the number of newly-hatched grubs that are small and close to the surface, thereby reducing numbers reaching adulthood next spring.
  • Late summer is the optimal time for lawn repair. Overseeding your lawn is an easy way to fill in bare spots, improve density of turf and enhance your lawn’s colour.
  • Many annuals, perennials, and roses will continue to bloom prolifically throughout the summer if they are deadheaded regularly. Try to set aside an hour or two per week to do this and your plants will reward you with a long blooming season.

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Photo Contest Alert!

Our photo contest is back this month! Snap a photo of your showiest annual, perennial, tree or shrub and send it to us. Throughout August, our staff will select their favourite entry and the winner will receive a $25 Van Luyk gift card!

Here’s how it works:

  • Share and like our contest post on Facebook.
  • Submit a photo of the most beautiful plant growing in your garden either via Facebook or by e-mailing The photo must include only plants, but no humans, especially no minors.
  • Contest starts Thursday, August 1st at 9am and ends Saturday, August 31st at 5pm.
  • The winner will be announced in early September on our Facebook page.
  • All submitted photos will be included in a Facebook album at the beginning of September.

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