We’ve made it through a scorching-hot July, and with little change in sight. While the calendar page has turned, it looks as though August will continue to be hot and dry, similar to the last two months. Many of our favourite young and old plants have been taking the heat in stride, but we often have to double down on maintenance in August if we want to really prolong the season for our annuals and perennials.

Here are five gardening tips for August:

  1. Remember to keep on the hose as long as drought conditions continue, while being mindful of any water restrictions in your area. How well you help your perennials manage the hot and dry weather will have a direct impact on how well they overwinter.
  2. Continue deadheading annuals and perennials to keep your beds looking tidy and to encourage new blooms. Fertilizing can continue throughout the month.
  3. Stop fertilizing your trees and shrubs as we reach the middle of the month. These plants need time to wind down as the season comes to a close. Fertilizer does the opposite, encouraging them to push out new tender growth that may not have time to harden off before frost.
  4. If you are tired of battling grubs and Japanese beetles, apply nematodes late in late August. Newly-hatched grubs are close to the soil surface at this time, giving you a great opportunity to reduce your garden’s grub population before they retreat further underground and out of reach of nematode applications.
  5. Overseed your lawn late in the summer to improve density of turf and enhance your lawn’s colour. Be sure to wait until we have a few cooler and wetter days in a row to do this, as seedlings are highly susceptible to drought.
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July Photo Contest!

July Photo Contest 2016

We asked for photos of your favourite plants, and did you ever deliver! Many beautiful pictures were submitted, and our favourites won Van Luyk Gift Cards! We’ve put all of them together into a photo album on our Facebook page.

Organic or Synthetic?

Organic Synthetic Fertilizer

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