With Victoria Day Weekend closing in rapidly and warm weather in the forecast, many of us are busy planting countless cheerful and beautiful annuals in our gardens. Below you’ll find some of our staff’s favourite annuals, including some off-the-beaten-path items that deserve more attention.

Anna’s Pick: ‘Bounce’ Impatiens

Bounce Impatiens London ON

Some annuals can survive a missed watering or two, but never quite look the same again. These spectacular impatiens actually ‘bounce’ back after a missed watering. Best of all, they are reliable bloomers available in a variety of pinks, purples, and whites for partly shaded locations. They are unaffected by the downy mildew that attacks Impatiens Walleriana.

Bernice’s Pick: Cuphea ‘Lavender Lace’

Cuphea London ON

These exotic-looking plants have beautiful glossy foliage and grow quickly. Their purple flowers require virtually no deadheading and attract hummingbirds. They’re great for containers and sunny garden beds alike. As an added bonus, they are very tolerant of hot locations.

Lorrie’s Pick: Sun Coleus ‘Campfire’

Sun Coleus London ON

This variety of coleus has incredible rich amber-orange foliage edged with the slightest tint of purple. It makes an excellent accent plant, and best of all, it can tolerate full sun locations where other coleus varieties might struggle.

Paul’s Pick: Osteospermum ‘Blue-Eyed Beauty’

Osteospermum London ON

With their cheery, daisy-like flowers and compact growth habit, osteospermum are a welcome addition to containers and beds in sunny areas. This variety has beautiful dusty yellow petals with a striking deep purple eye.

Shelley’s Pick: Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Black-Eyed Susan Vine London ON

This unusual, fast-growing annual produces small flowers similar to a black-eyed susan but instead climbs as a twining vine. It prefers high ambient light but try to plant it in an area that receives shelter from the hottest few hours of sunlight in the summer.

Sylvia’s Pick: Sunpatiens

Sunpatiens London ON

Sunpatiens, as the name suggests, are a group of impatiens that, amazingly, can tolerate full sun. In addition to being very floriferous and easy to care for, they are remarkably free of pest and disease issues. They are unaffected by the downy mildew that attacks Impatiens Walleriana.

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