Image of Van Luyk Garden and Nursery Center

Van Luyk Greenhouses and Garden Centre is a family-run business  which has been serving the London community and surrounding area in Ontario for 45 years. We are proud of being the most favourite garden centre in town. 

Founded in 1970 by Art and Leny Van Luyk, who immigrated to Canada from Holland in 1957, the business started out as both a wholesale and retail business with a single glass greenhouse for growing annuals, vegetables and hanging baskets which were sold from a picnic table and swing set that served as their outdoor retail area.

Over forty years later, Van Luyk Greenhouses and Garden Centre has expanded to over 50,000 square feet of greenhouse and retail space in which 80 per cent of the plants sold are grown on the premises. With 45-50 employees during the peak spring season, Van Luyk’s is a full service garden center operation offering offer a wide variety of annuals, perennials, nursery stock, soils and fertilizers, floral services and gift items year-round. We also offer floral services for every occasion, a large selection of tropical plants and many gift ideas to inspire your indoor and outdoor decor. Our qualified and trained staff and family look forward to working with you!



We believe that our people are our greatest resource. We value each and every one of our employees and we empower them to develop, grow and work at their full potential each and every day in order that they may provide our customers with the exceptional service and experience they deserve at Van Luyk’s. Offering the best service to our customers is the number one priority for us. They are always very welcome in our garden centre. Over the last 45 years, our customers have made us the top garden and nursery centre in town. At Van Luyk’s, we grow and carry only the best for our customers. We grow a diverse crop of annuals and perennials and offer a wide range of trees and shrubs to meet all of your gardening and landscaping needs.